About us


Buffalo Antique is the most inspiring antique collection of Hungary, treasures of which can be viewed and purchased both in our webshop and in person. Items of our collection – covering the entire historic period from the 1800s to the late 20th century – were gathered from all regions of the country and abroad. Beyond individual pieces, entire collections are also awaiting passionate treasure hunters.

On 1,500 sqm we offer classic antique and folk furniture, household objects, radios, siphon bottles, coal irons, mantel and alarm clocks, enamel signs, keys, lamps, chandeliers, trunks and suitcases, typewriters, candleholders, rugs and wall-hangings, folkweaves, sewing machines, barrels, objects of viniculture and winemaking, pins, match labels, old Christmas ornaments, toys, vintage vehicles, paintings, Gobelins, mirrors, books, porcelains, ceramics, glass objects, millstones, chariots, and almost everything else.

If you plan to sell complete inheritances or individual items, we are also happy to hear from you. Explore the magic hall of vintage treasures!

If you wish to pay a personal visit, please make sure to give us a call/send us an e-mail in advance.